Research on Portuguese metals

Research about the history, the uses and the techniques of some of the metals used in Portugal.

Research developed by Maria Manuela Restivo in 2021 for Associação Passa ao Futuro.


Viana do Castelo for European Capital of Culture 2027

As part of Viana do Castelo’s candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2027, we carried out a survey among the city’s cultural institutions to understand their perspectives and needs in the cultural landscape of the region. Quantitative (questionnaires) and qualitative (interviews) data were collected that allowed us to draw some significant conclusions about the perspective of cultural agents in the region.

Developed in 2021 by Maria Manuela Restivo with the supervision of Luciano Moreira.


Shadow Line

Work for the photographer Andrea Ferro for his project entitled Shadow Line. We worked together to make interviews to some of the people who worked in Porto city center.


Threads through images

Research and documentation of models created by goldsmiths from Gondomar, for the company JR joias.