“De tanto olhar as árvores não vêm a floresta”. Portuguese folk sculpture

Exhibition gathering a selection of Portuguese folk sculpture, developed for the launching of the book with the same name.

Exhibition held at Casa do Vinhal in November 2022.


Sol parado

Collaboration with the plastic artist Bruno Brito in the development of his Sol Parado exhibition. The collaboration consisted of a joint reflection on vernacular forms, especially arches and masts, exploring their recurrence in different historical periods and cultural geographies. The reflection resulted in the writing of a joint text that accompanied the exhibition.

Exhibition held at Casa do Vinhal in June 2022.


Amulets and their unlikely origins

Amulets and their unlikely origins was an exhibition that resulted in a research work carried out in the CRU Cowork space, with the aim of exploring the relationship that this community maintains with amulets and similar objects. We tried to understand if the amulets are still used by the community members and in what situations they are usually evoked. With reference to the works on portuguese amulets published by Leite de Vasconcelos at the end of the 19th century, we reflected on the continuities and discontinuities of the use of these objects in the past and in contemporary society.

The exhibition was held in the gallery of the CRU Cowork space from January 18 to March 13, 2020 and was carried out by Maria Manuela Restivo, Luciano Moreira and Vera Carmo.


Saints for the future

As part of the Workshop An Archive of Impossible Objects, we explored the universe of Catholic saints to carry out a fictional exercise around what could be the saints of the future. What anxieties are there in contemporary society to which the new saints could respond? Collaborating with illustrator Juhee Hahm, we created two saints that could reflect the anxieties of the present and the future societies.

The workshop was guided by Dunne & Raby in the scope of a curatorial laboratory organized by Mariana Pestana for Porto Design Biennale in 2019.

Created by Maria Manuela Restivo and Luciano Moreira for Porto Design Biennale 2019.


Remains of an Empire

Remains of an Empire was an exhibition dedicated to the photographic work of Luís de Almeida. Using the name of one of his photographic projects, the exhibition sought to confront his life story with his visual production, showing a selection of photographs, images and various documents that the author collected and produced over time. The main objective of the exhibition was to highlight the uniqueness of both his biographical journey – from a soldier in the Colonial War to the collaborator of an NGO in Mozambique – and of his artistic production, drawing attention to the way in which individual journeys often confront or contradict historiographic discourses, creating spaces of ambiguity.

The exhibition was held at Espaço Campanhã between April and May 2018 and was curated by Maria Manuela Restivo and Vera Carmo.


Masks. Rituals and celebrations, Farces and Transgressions

Co-curatorship of the exhibition Masks, held at Cruzes Canhoto in 2016. Research and mapping of the makers of traditional masks from Bragança and Lazarim. The exhibition focused on the dialogue between Portuguese and African masks.

Exhibition held at Cruzes Canhoto gallery from 6th February to 30 march 2016.