Portuguese Folk Art from A to Z

Portuguese Folk Art from A to Z is a project that we are developing since the end of 2017. It is dedicated to the research, documentation and dissemination of portuguese popular arts. The project has two fundamental objectives: firstly, it seeks to build a digital archive of Portuguese folk art, capable of gathering information about the main popular artists (both past and present) through their biographies; secondly, it intends to understand how folk arts in Portugal respond to the challenges of globalization.

For the past two years we have been travelling throughout Portugal to discover different people involved in the universe of portuguese popular arts, namely artists, researchers and collectors. We interview some of the people in order to get to know their life story and the way they started creating artefacts; at the same time, we try to understand how they position themselves regarding the dichotomy tradition/invention, and additionally how they see the future of the crafts they are involved with. Our main goal is to understand the transformations that have occurred in this form of artistic production, and map how they manifest in the objects produced, in the circulation of artists and objects, and in their reception by buyers and collectors.

In this post we showcase a selection of pictures of some of the people we interviewed so far. The full interviews and biographies can be seen on our website: www.artepopularportuguesa.org, for now available only in Portuguese.

The project is being developed with the partnership from Cruzes Canhoto gallery and the financial support from Direção Regional de Cultura do Norte.If you know someone that you think we should interview for the project, please contact us through our email address (contacts section).

Artists by order of appearance: António Ramalho, Júlia Ramalho, Adão de Castro Almeida, César Teixeira, José Correia, Querubim Rocha, Joaquim Pires and Carminda Rodrigues. All the photos were taken by Joana Soares and Nuno Marques, who are collaborating with us in the project.