Amulets and their unlikely origins

Amulets and their unlikely origins is the result of a research carried out at CRU Cowork to explore the relationship this community maintains with amulets and similar objects. Are amulets still used? What forms can they take? In what situations are they evoked? Having as a reference the body of work on Portuguese amulets published

Saints for the future – An archive of impossible objects

As part of the Workshop “An Archive of Impossible Objects”, we explored the universe of Catholic saints to perform a fictional exercise around the saints of the future. What anxieties are there in contemporary society to which the new saints might respond? By collaborating with illustrator Juhee Hahm, we have created two saints whose aim

Remains of an Empire – the photography of Luís de Almeida

Remains of an Empire was an exhibition dedicated to the photographic work of Luís de Almeida. Using the name of one of its photographic projects, the exhibition sought to confront his life story with his visual production, showing a selection of photographs, images and various documents that the author has collected and produced over time.

Portuguese Folk Art from Ana to Zé

Portuguese Folk Art from Ana to Zé is a project aimed at researching, documenting and disseminating Portuguese folk arts. It presents two fundamental objectives: first, the construction of a digital archive that gathers information about the main popular artists (past and present) through their biographies; second, it intends to understand how popular arts in Portugal

The Community Museum

The Community Museum was a project that consisted on the creation of an ephemeral museum built entirely from objects provided by the local community. After a period of field research among the resident population – namely people who lived around Rua Chã Square, city of Porto – a museum was created that sought to reflect